Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bugz on Relationships

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

white man raising a black child

What's that conversation every father dreads as your son approaches those dangerous teenage years? Sex? No. How to deal with the cops. I've never been pulled over while driving in a ''nice'' neighborhood; my son was stopped a block from our apartment in Manhattan and asked by the patrolman what he was doing in ''this neighborhood.'' I feared for my son's safety, not in the depth of the hood, but on the ritzier streets of the Big Apple.

As a white man with a foot, maybe a toe, in a black world I began listening with a third ear once my son Drew was born 38 years ago. Those insidious racial asides that somehow I never heard before now resonated.

On the night we met, at a convention in New Orleans, my future wife and I were walking down the street and a local redneck, pretty drunk, started baiting me with racial slurs. I beckoned him closer, started measuring the distance between my toe and his testicles as two very large members of the New Orleans constabulary grabbed him and tossed him into a squad car. As I shared with our son years later, turn the other cheek, up to a point. Sometimes you just gotta teach a lesson.

Forty years ago, when Joan and I married, I crossed an invisible barrier, from that white world where you occasionally have a black co-worker to a world of people of color.

My late wife was one of a handful of black women at an elite Eastern university. She had studied Latin and Greek at wonderful public high school, yet she had to face ignorance term after term. Her saber-like tongue may not have been appreciated by her classmates, but she firmly believed stupidity had to be challenged, a lesson my son Drew learned all too well.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Friday, June 4, 2010

So were Nigga's Now!???Here's an article i read @ and this shit is O.C!!!!!!!

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posted on 05-25-2009 6:21 pm, in Ghetto FAB
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Poetry in motion by Scotty Dyson!!!!!

"Stay true and I never change for anyone..funny how you can be the real one and never own a gun..people always say that they the realist and try to always show it..the real keep quiet...and make his actions potent..true know I keeps it real..if your offended then you've been exposed you've never been concealed.." Dyson

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

we geekin over here!!!lol sorry selby i had 2 do it

my man selby getting some sonic's outta town. lol damn i wish he had one in the dmv huh selby lol dats my homie though



THE giant hole in the middle of Guatemala City that swallowed a house and a three-storey building could have been forming for thousands of years.

Sinkholes occur when groundwater percolates through layers of rock in the Earth's crust, dissolving it and forming a series of underground caves.

Malcolm Cox, a hydrogeologist at the Queensland University of Technology, said that if the caves became bigger and extended up towards the surface they could make the ground unstable and eventually collapse, swallowing the surface soil - and anything on top of it". I wonder what the negro that was still in the building when it collapsed did wrong.LLS